General Questions

How do I contact you if I have a question or need support?

You can submit a support ticket

How and when, is my order delivered?

All orders are delivered digitally via our Key Pickup system.

If you are eligible for Instant Delivery* your order will be available to collect moments after your payment has cleared.

Otherwise orders are usually processed within the hour.

Is buying from CDKEY Warehouse safe?

To put it simply, yes we use 256-bit SSL Encryption on all webpages.

We have been around since 2010 and have a ever growing customer base.

You can view our Trustpilot reviews or visit our Facebook page

Why are your games cheaper then retail?

We have contracts in place with suppliers throughout the UK,US,China and Europe as the market and RRP is lower in such countries, We purchase the products in bulk and deliver the savings on to you.

Order Status

Awaiting Payment

Your order is currently awaiting payment confirmation.

If you have paid via Bank deposit or Bpay, payment takes 2-3 Business days to process


Your order has been canceled. Please contact shop administration.


Your order has been collected, Game on!


Your order has been declined. Please contact staff.


Your payment has been unsuccessful. Please contact staff.

Authentication Required

Your order requires authentication, please check your e-mail for instructions on how to authenticate yourself.

Partially Collected

Your order has been partially collected, this may be due to a item out of stock, staff will process your order.
There is no need to submit a support ticket.


Your order and payment is currently being reviewed by staff.

For instant delivery be sure your card passes 3DSecure and is not a Commercial Card.

Ready for pickup

Payment received, collect your order from Key Pickup

Store Credited

Your order has been store credited to your customer account. This credit can be used to make future purchases from CDKey Warehouse.

The credit takes effect immediately and can be used on the checkout page.

Digital Delivery

CDKEY Warehouse now offers Instant Delivery!

To Qualify for Instant Delivery you must pay with one of the two methods below;

*Payment must pass 3Dsecure and CANNOT be a COMMERCIAL CARD.

*Paypal Verified accounts

All items purchased on CDKEY Warehouse are delivered Digitally to the customer via Key Pickup.

If you item does not qualify for Instant Delivery it will be delivered within 24-48 hours of purchase but usually within a hour of payment, depending on the geographic location of the purchase.

Please consider the Timezone difference, we are GMT+10

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