The Rainbow Trail: Large Print

All day Shefford had plodded onward with the clear horizon-line a thing unattainable; and fordays before that he had ridden the wild bare flats and climbed the rocky desert benches. The greatcolored reaches and steps had led endlessly onward and upward through dim and deceiving distance.A hundred miles of desert travel, with its mistakes and lessons and intimations, had not preparedhim for what he now saw. He beheld what seemed a world that knew only magnitude. Wonder andawe fixed his gaze, and thought remained aloof. Then that dark and unknown northland flung amenace at him. An irresistible call had drawn him to this seamed and peaked border of Arizona, thisbroken battlemented wilderness of Utah upland; and at first sight they frowned upon him, as if towarn him not to search for what lay hidden beyond the ranges. But Shefford thrilled with both fearand exultation. That was the country which had been described to him. Far across the red valley, farbeyond the ragged line of black mesa and yellow range, lay the wild canyon with its haunting secret.Red Lake must be his Rubicon. Either he must enter the unknown to seek, to strive, to find, orturn back and fail and never know and be always haunted. A friend's strange story had prompted hissingular journey; a beautiful rainbow with its mystery and promise had decided him. Once in his lifehe had answered a wild call to the kingdom of adventure within him, and once in his life he hadbeen happy. But here in the horizon-wide face of that up-flung and cloven desert he grew cold; hefaltered even while he felt more fatally drawn

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Book Title: The Rainbow Trail: Large Print

Book Author: Zane Grey

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