A Box Full of Darkness: The No-Nonsense Guide To Understand And Move On From Narcissistic Abuse

Are you confused, hurt and heartbroken? Did your dream relationship turn into a nightmare, leaving you gasping for air and devastated? Do you feel betrayed? Do you think you are irrationally clinging to the idea of a relationship as if it was an addiction?There are only a few things more heinous than realizing you have been a victim of narcissistic abuse. After the initial period of having found your other half, you eventually find yourself in a relationship that resembles more of a nightmare than a dream. Soon, you will start to understand that the person who was supposed to love you and support you, was selfish, malicious and abusive.They don't give you closure. They don't care enough to help you move on.You need to look for answers and understanding on your own. This is what you will find in this book.'A Box Full of Darkness' is the ultimate guide to understand narcissistic abuse and its malicious dynamics. It offers an explanation of narcissistic manipulation tactics and eases the victims' and survivors' minds by shining a light on the nature of abuse."Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift."—Mary OliverZita Fontaine, as a survivor of narcissistic abuse, offers a personal perspective to abusive behaviours through a relatable narrative and scientifically backed, yet still easy-to-understand materials. Through this book you will learn aboutwhy it is so hard to recognise narcissistic abuse;what are the most common narcissistic manipulation tactics and how to react to them;how to leave a toxic relationship;how to move on after the breakup, how to heal and reclaim your life;and how to turn around your trauma and rewrite your narrative to live your best life.Because even if you were given a box full of darkness, the time will come to close it and put it away for good. Let your best life start now.

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Book Title: A Box Full of Darkness: The No-Nonsense Guide To Understand And Move On From Narcissistic Abuse

Book Author: Zita Fontaine

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