Our Stories, Our Visions

Following her acclaimed bestseller Ten Eternal Questions (2005), Zoë Sallis has conducted an exciting new series of interviews, this time with 35 of the world’s most successful and inspiring women. Her extraordinarily diverse selection ranges from author Isabel Allende and Sister Helen Prejean (subject of the film Dead Man Walking) to journalist Christiane Amanpour and Professor Wangari Maathai, the first African female to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Every person here has worked hard to achieve great things in her chosen field. Sallis celebrates their achievements, and gives us fascinating, personal insights into their minds, lives, and dreams.  - Many of the subjects are very well-known, and should attract readers - The interview format has already proven very successful for Zoë Sallis, who had a bestseller with the similarly organized Ten Eternal Questions   Find out the intriguing answers to these questions, which Sallis asked every subject:• Did your upbringing or early experiences influence the direction you took in life? • What inspires you in life? • What most provokes you to anger, and do you believe in forgiveness? • Do you think there will ever be equality in humankind, and an end to poverty and injustice? • What is your greatest fear? • Which woman, past or present, do you most admire? • Do you think women can make a difference in the world and be instrumental in stopping war? • What spiritual or religious beliefs do you hold? • Do you have any advice for the younger generation? • Do you have a favorite work of art, book, poem, or piece of music that has a special personal significance to you?

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Book Title: Our Stories, Our Visions

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