Reign To Rule (Myth of Omega Book 6)

Hardened by her betrayal, he is no longer showing any mercyHe will go as far as he needs to in order to get her back and keep her, even if it means destroying everyone and everything. His enemies will pay for what they have done, but so will Amara. When her Alpha proves just how powerful Visant blood truly is, she has to decide if she will fight against the monster he will become, or submit to him knowing the kind of monster he already is.REIGN TO RULE is a full-length fantasy romance novel that concludes Malloron and Amara's a dark and carnal, magical tale. Begin their story from REIGN TO RUIN. For fans of faithful Alpha anti-heroes and captive romances.MYTH OF OMEGA spans nine full-length books, three Omegaverse romance trilogies, and one epic world. Over 700 5-star reviews across the series, find out why readers still want more.This series includes romance and situations of a dark nature. Some aspects of this may be sensitive for some readers. For ages 18+˃˃˃ MYTH OF OMEGA books in order:CRAVE (COMPLETED TRILOGY)Crave To Conquer #1Crave To Capture #2Crave To Claim #3 REIGN (COMPLETED TRILOGY)Reign To Ruin #4Reign To Ravage #5Reign To Rule #6OWN (COMPLETED TRILOGY)Own To Obey #7Own To Obsess #8Own To Obtain #9 ˃˃˃ Other books by Zoey Ellis EMPIRE OF ANGELS (COMPLETED TRILOGY)Claimed By Power #1Ruined By Power #2Awakened By Power #3

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Book Title: Reign To Rule (Myth of Omega Book 6)

Book Author: Zoey Ellis

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