107 Rotator Cuff Exercises:: To Build, Protect and Maintain a Healthy Rotator Cuff For Life

Hey. How is your shoulder? Do you want to stop rotator cuff pain and build a strong durable shoulder for life? You can. Starting today. Most shoulder issues come from a weak posterior and internal rotation immobility (lack of strength and range of motion on the back side of your shoulder). In this comprehensive guide, you will strengthen your posterior cuff to an elite level. And With the proper focused stretching, you will increase shoulder mobility and flexibility. To build the knowledge and experience to complete this guide took many years. Every exercise has been researched and completed to maximize shoulder health, in the shortest possible time. The importance of this guide all started from shoulder pain and the struggle to recover. Once the proper exercises were discovered. Shoulder health became easy. In this guide you will be walked through 107 exercises that clearly show how to care for a rotator cuff at your own pace. Each workout is simple and easy to understand. You will get clear instruction of the movement, the feeling, the focus, key points, reps and expected difficulty. You should expect fast shoulder results. You should expect your shoulder to be stronger sooner. Without the struggle of soreness and pain. With this guide, focused on posterior cuff strength and flexibility, here is what to expect •Treat rotator cuff aches. •Relieve frozen shoulder. •Overcome calcium deposits. •Subside pain. •Fix shoulder your impingement. •And most importantly, avoid surgery! Imagine lifting your arm with strength and confidence. Imagine living life without fear of knife stabbing pain or deep shoulder aches. Today you will being your shoulder freedom journey. And it will last. Zach Calhoon spent 15+ years as a baseball pitcher. He saw success and broke records on the division 1 level. With these rotator cuff exercises, his fastball reached 95 MPH. Here are details from this book: •Shoulder Anatomy Breakdown - The joint, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Know your shoulder from the inside out, so you can dominate shoulder health •Shoulder movement defined - How your shoulder should move and the exact names for each movement •Common shoulder injuries and how they feel - Avoid tears, impingments, instability, arthritis, and inflammation at all cost •Learn 107 workouts that actually work •Plus the exact shortcut I use in maintain shoulder health for life... This book is only a few dollars, but the content you can use for life. Go ahead and buy this book right now. If you decide to not use this guide, you will come back. I hope you do not come back to this book with a shoulder tear. Do not look back and wonder about shoulder freedom and clean health. You can achieve your goals, but you must start today. Remember, shoulder health is possible through thee exercises. But you won't know if you don't try it.

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Book Title: 107 Rotator Cuff Exercises:: To Build, Protect and Maintain a Healthy Rotator Cuff For Life

Book Author: Zach Calhoon

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ISBN: 153947433X